Fuck Yeah Rory Kinnear

Question about FYRK? Here you go :D   This is an appreciation tumblr for the very underrated and very awesome Rory Kinnear.
He's currently starring at the National Theater in Othello, and appeared in the BBC adaptation of Richard II.
His first play is currently presented at the Bush Theatre until Oct 26th

The Skyfall spy who is secretly Hamlet →

Rory Kinnear’s roles have ranged from Denis Thatcher on TV to the gloomy Dane on stage. Now he talks about playing M’s desk-bound sidekick in Skyfall

(and somehow, SOMEHOW, they mentioned showing him THIS tumblr at the end of the article. Is this really happening?)

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    "But this is the only Bond I can think of where the hero is supported by no fewer than four former Hamlets. Kinnear...
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  16. shaddicted answered: ahahaahaha xD now that is a good one.
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